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I’m from the deep South, and even though I have been all over the world as a proud, retired USAF CMSgt (E-9) with 30+ years of Active Duty service to our nation, I still have my Southern accent (can y’all hear it?), charm and hospitality. I still ma’am and sir all y’all and open doors for everyone too.

I've lived in North Pole, Alaska since October 2010 and a bonifide Alaska resident since December 2010. I love Alaska – it’s an amazing land to explore and shoot photos!

I’ve been trippin’ a shutter for over 20 years … did some pro wedding photography in Florida, been published a few times, and tried to win some contests occasionally.

I’m inspired by nature … I love to shoot (only with my camera nowadays) wildlife (to include pesky humans!), Alaska’s spectacular landscapes year-round, and anything that is visually stimulating like Aurora Borealis! I like to capture emotion and love to interact with subjects.

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